Placentia Mustangs

Welcome to – North Orange County’s Premiere Travel Ball Organization.  Prepping players for High School while also  producing top prospects for colleges and professional baseball teams.

Placentia Mustangs

Over 30 years of teaching real life skills in the Orange County community.

The Mustangs network of high school coaches, college coaches and the youth baseball industry is second to none.  The power of our program and desire to help players really is a game changer once the players hit the college recruiting stage and other aspects of real life.  

Our program’s dues and total cost is from $50.00 to $175.00 cheaper than most.  We take pride we are not a money grab as each coach runs his team with the best of intentions.  We rent city and school district fields.  For a travel ball program, no program has the amount of practice and home game slots than our program.

We encourage families to jump in and help.  We strive for a positive atmosphere for not only our players, but all our families.  One of the best parts of baseball is over a single game or practice everyone will have a different idea or action to the many decisions that go on in baseball.  By working together and understanding the coaches, players and parents’ role of all working together really builds a strong foundation.  Our policy is… “If you’re not happy, go somewhere else and be happy.”  No one wants to sit next to the unhappy parent and no player wants to stand next to a grumpy teammate feeling he is being cheated on.

What Makes Us Different?

Mustangs have been a non profit organization for over 30 years. We were never set up as a business or a money grab. Each team is run by his team manager under the Placentia Mustangs and President Todd Rogers. With over 40 years of coaching Little League, Pony League, High School, travel ball and working with Cal State Fullerton Baseball our programs history and network is unmatched in travel ball under his experience. Our alumni page is players who actually played for our program, not just as guest players for a weekend.

Our dues payment (even with the increase in 2023) is still the least expensive program in our area. We rent more fields for practice and hosting of games than any other program in California that we know of. Most programs are $250 a month plus higher game fees, higher start up fees, higher uniform fees, higher tournament fees and more. All with less field and game access.

Our program does not run a snack shack, nor any program wide fundraisers. We force no extra involvement of financial requirements on families. We allow teams to make their own special jerseys and items. (Just don’t touch our traditional hat.) Teams can run their own fundraisers with money going to their team. Since we are the lowest in cost, we need 100% participation on the team dues. If our prices are hard for any of our teams or families, we allow them to host fundraisers and sponsors on their own since we do not push it as a program.

Our coaching staff has some of the best local baseball coaches in the industry. We push the family atmosphere and no stress environment. We know all kids develop and mature at different junctures in life. We do not trophy chase at the younger ages of our program. While we are more of a developmental program in the younger age levels, we tend to dominate in the older age level years as all the players catch up to each other physically. Our network of college coaches can really help players when they get to that level.

Where Talent Meets Opportunity

Placentia Mustangs started in 1993 with a goal of giving players the best start and prep to be ready for High School Baseball.  What separates us apart is we build a family atmosphere, play the game fun but also with respect.  

All of our teams are built with their own mission led by their head coach.  Each team runs a little differently as each head coach controls the teams schedules, practices, atmosphere, ect.

We take pride in when we see a player 15 years later when he says Mustangs baseball was the best memories of his childhood.  We take pride in our logo and hat.  As you wear it around town a lot of people will notice it and typically throw out a nice compliment.

“Go Placentia Mustangs!”

The Placentia Mustangs

Photos of our teams, from games and events!

Reach Out With Questions

Please contact Todd Rogers with any questions you may have.