New Player Info

This info is just a quick letter to explain our system to make things run smoother for the new families and the program.

We will be adding new families as our teams develop. There is a lot of stuff once a family joins a new team and program so hopefully this letter will help answer some questions. It also saves us time in explaining it individually each time we add a new player.

Understanding the financial aspects is very important. We try not to have any hidden costs and let you know exactly how our program operates. People think you just need 12 hats, jerseys and a few others things to keep a team or program going... with no idea that we have to keep a large stock of all our items, pay for fields, lights, cages, and everything else we have the availability to use. We also have to have equipment and keep up a few of the fields we use. Good travel ball programs are not cheap to run, as we know they are not easy on families to pay for also.

Uniform items are on the Mustangs Team Store link. This gets you the needed apparel to start.

Dues is $195.00 per month. Dues on the 1st of each month. Spring: Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June & July. Fall: Sept, Oct & Nov.

Tournaments we just do a few of, are a added fee pending on the cost of the tournament.

Extra and league games are $15.00 per game. We use this money to pay the umpire, field fee, game balls, etc. Please pay this at the start of the game to the coach so he can pay the umpire and fee's at the start of the game. (DH's are two games, thus $30.00) 9 inn games are 20.00

When new players join the program there is a $180.00 new player start-up fee.

Our team store page has pay links so you can pay via Venmo & Zelle to make it easier on you. Dues will be auto billed at the start of each month during the season.

We use the GroupMe App for tracking all of our events for the players and families.

Our team web page is very important. I use this page to track players in the program. Save this web page as it will answer a lot of your questions. We have 11 teams in our program, they are all not on the same practice or game schedule. Always include your players name and age level when emailing us.

PLEASE understand we have built new teams for over 30 years. We do it very differently than most programs. We start very slow and have a very good system on building them. Our goal is not to field a team next week, it is to start slow and build it over time, correctly. We would rather practice and get our system going for each of the teams than trying to enter a tournament to try and win a $6.00 trophy. We do not hold tryouts, we do not make flyers, we do not make it well known we have player openings. Our program has a very large network from people, to schools all the way up to colleges. I use that network to build the program and will keep it that way. If your worried about the team or program and don't think we will pull it off.... its better to just go and find a program that will meet your needs instead of being stressed out in ours. I know you will be nervous and wonder if you made the right choice. Please feel free to ask some of the parents from our 15/16's you have seen at our events and see what they learned about the system and how they were nervous the first month or two.

Players should always wear Mustangs shirts and hats to Mustangs events. Hats are never worn backwards. Sprinting (not jogging) to his position at all times is a must. Sportsmanship, proper language and attitude is always required.

Coaches make all practice, line up and game day decisions. If someone does not like it, it is better to just part ways. We will never be upset or treat a family bad if they leave the program. No one wants to have to sit in the stands and hear someone complain. With the 500 other travel ball program out there, there should be a better fit for a unhappy family or player if our program is not working out.

Our program goal is to build a strong family and welcome everyone into our large network of families. The Mustangs have had the same program and logo for over 30 years. It has lasted this long for a reason. We are very proud of our program, and are set in our ways..... and would be very proud to have another quality family join our family.

Mustangs pre-game routine.....

:46 - Be in dugout ready to play. Not walking up carrying your equipment bag with a smile.

:45 - Quick talk from coach

:40 - Players stretch in outfield. Typically in CF.

:35 - Players warm up playing catch. (During this time, coach makes the line up. Parents please stay away so he can concentrate on getting the line up done.)

:25 - Players hit Wiffle Balls. Starting pitcher and catcher should hit first. (At this time parents give coaches the game fee's)

:15 - Starting pitcher warms up.

:5 - Be ready to take the field and have fun and hustle! Sprint, not jog.

5 minutes after the game.... CELEBRATE!!!!
Todd Rogers