Placentia Mustangs 9u

9u Mustangs – Carron


Mustangs pre-game routine…..

:46 – Be in dugout ready to play. Not walking up carrying your equipment bag with a smile.

:45 – Quick talk from coach

:40 – Players stretch in outfield. Typically in CF.

:35 – Players warm up playing catch.
(During this time, coach makes the line up. Parents please stay away so he can concentrate on getting the line up done.)

:25 – Players hit Wiffle Balls. Starting pitcher and catcher should hit first.
(At this time parents give coaches the game fee’s)

:15 – Starting pitcher warms up.

:5 – Be ready to take the field and have fun and hustle! Sprint, not jog.

5 minutes after the game…. CELEBRATE!!!! 🙂